Rebuild Kogarah War Memorial Pool @ Carss Park

When the pool was closed for 2 weeks maintenance in July 2019. Alas, it closed forever.

Carss Park Pool - Kogarah War Wemorial Pool - Closed Permanently. STRICTLY NO ACCESS IS PERMITTED. Georges River Council


North Ramsgate ASC now swims at the Sans Souci Leisure Centre, following the closure of the Carss Park pool

Our home pool until its 2019 closure

North Ramsgate Amateur Swimming Club (NRASC) was welcome at Carss Park War Memorial Pool since 2001 (to 2019) when our club started their summer swimming meetings each Sunday at the Carss Park Pool.

The Carss Park pool has been our home since then, holding meetings from October each year to the following March.

Following the closure of the pool, The North Ramsgate swimming club has been meeting at the Sans Souci Leisure Centre weekly in the summer swimming season.

Competition format

The format of our meetings welcomes swimmers of all ages using a handicap race system for the majority of the summer season. Later in the season, swimmers swim in championships based on their ages from Juniors to Seniors and Masters.

In recent years we have been joining local clubs for an annual St George Leagues Club, Water Dragons Swimming Club for an enjoyable weekday evening carnival where there is much camaraderie and competition.

Eighty plus years of history

The club has a rich heritage dating from the 1930's when the club was formed and met at the Ramsgate Baths run by the Pemberton family. In the 1960’s the site became a Cole’s store after the baths were closed.

Family friendly, Outdoors

The importance of having a family friendly, open, welcoming pool in the natural environment cannot be understated as it encourages folks from the kiddies to the Grandparents and Great Grandparents to undertake a healthy invigorating lifestyle.

Everyone enjoys the outdoors in a safe community atmosphere.

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Swimming and physical fitness activities

What we're trying to say is "We Need Our Pool" in the present format of a 50 Metre Outdoor Pool or better, where there is the opportunity for many groups to use and enjoy the facilities simultaneously and cooperatively, whether they be individual swimmers doing a few laps, families encouraging the children to achieve better results in the School carnivals, Scuba diving training groups, swimmers in squad training, school swimming carnivals, swimming instructors teaching little ones to be safe in the water and most importantly be water safe and water aware. Other activities likely to take place in a well-resourced and well run pool complex are water sports, Gymnasium for fitness and strength, Water slides, multiple pools for different age groups, etc.

Save the Kogarah War Memorial Swimming Pool Facility at Carss Park

North Ramsgate ASC strongly encourage our governments; Local (Georges River Council); NSW State Government and the Australian Federal Government to join together to fund an improved, expanded swimming centre to live up to the Kogarah War Memorial Swimming Pool aspiration of a safer, happier community facility that is well planned, resourced, run and properly maintained.

Kogarah War Memorial Swimming Pool

As a War Memorial Swimming Pool the facility is a memorial to our Australian Service Personnel and their gallantry in making Australia the great country we live in.

The current rundown state of the Kogarah War Memorial Swimming Pool cannot be allowed to re-occur.

Stay in touch, join the Save Carss Park Pool Campaign

Join and follow the Save Carss Park Pool campaign at

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