Swimming Champion of the Week is
GD Martyn with 3.5 points

 Each week one swimmer is chosen who has performed well in at least 2 events and who has the best average point score for their swims that Sunday. A swimmer may win the award once in 6 weeks. Any tie will be resolved by the swimmer who's swum more races or who’s time is most improved.

 This Point score system has been used for many years by the club. Most of the clubs races are handicapped races, so there's potential for any swimmer to win the overall point score over the season. 

Date (week)            Place    Champions (average points)
24/3/2019(W22)    1st GD Martyn (3.5), 2nd GL Martyn (3.33), 3rd I Brassil (3.0 pts).
17/3/2019(W21)    Equal 1st SJ Poot and B Yenson (3.5), 3rd M Hastings (3.33 pts).
10/3/2019(W20)    1st B Melville (4.0), 2nd A Yenson (3.5)
                                    equal 3rd with 3.0 pts, I Brassil, P Dean and G Pontifix.
3/3/2019(W19)      1st A Yenson (3.5), 2nd B Melville (3.25),
                                    3rd M Cassimatis and GD Martyn (3.0 pts).

24/2/2019(W18)    1st D Hastings (3.33), 2nd M Cassimatis (3.33), 3rd B Melville (3.25 pts).
17/2/2019(W17)    1st M Cassimatis (4.0), 2nd B Melville (3.5),
                                    equal 3rd M Hastings and F Yenson (3.0 pts)

10/2/2019(W16)    1st A Yenson (3.5), 2nd P Dean (3.33), 3rd SW Poot and B Yenson (2.67 pts)
3/2/2019(W15)      1st SW Poot (4.0), 2nd P Dean (3.25),
                                    equal 3rd (3.0 pts) B Melville, M Cassimatis, M Hastings.

27/1/2019(W14)    1st P Green (3.75), equal 2nd S Martyn and B Yenson (3.0 pts).
20/1/2019(W13)    1st S Yenson (4.0), 2nd L Brassil (3.75), 3rd RK Martyn (3.5).
13/1/2019(W12)    1st S Martyn (4.0), 2nd P Green (3.5), 3rd GL Martyn (3.0, 4 races).
6/1/2019(W11)      1st M Hastings (3 pts, 3 races), 2nd SW Poot (3 pts, 2 races),
                                 equal 3rd P Green and G Pontifix (2.75).
16/12/2018(W10)  1st I Brassil (3.75), 2nd B Yenson (3.67), 3rd M Brassil (3.33).
9/12/2018(W9)      1st L Brassil (3.5), 2nd M Brassil (3.33), 3rd G Pontifix (3.25).
2/12/2018(W8)      1st SW Poot (4), 2nd B Yenson (3.67), 3rd S Martyn (3.25).
25/11/2018(W7)    1st P Dean (3.75), equal 2nd I Brassil, A Yenson, B Melville (3.25).
18/11/2018(W6)    1st GD Martyn (4), 2nd A Yenson (3.5), equal 3rd SW Poot and SR Poot (3.33)
11/11/2018(W5)    1st S Yenson (4), equal 2nd I Brassil and P Dean (3.25). 
4/11/2018(W4)      1st P Dean (3) (2x1st place), 2nd GD Martyn (3) (3x2nd place),
                                 3rd SR Poot (4)(Prev award).
28/10/2018(W3)    1st I Brassil (4),    2nd G Pontifix (3.25),    3rd B Melville and SW Poot (2.75).
21/10/2018(W2)    1st SR Poot (4),    2nd S Martyn (3.33),    3rd GL Martyn (3.25).
14/10/2018 (W1)   1st B Melville (4),    2nd M Brassil (3.67),     3rd A Yenson (3.25).